Music Producers as a Leader

The concept of music producer is a wide and varied title which has been discussed by music scholars for years. Occasionally, while it was described as the figure who only sponsored the musical project, sometimes, a music producer was referred to someone who had conductive ability and creative control in the recording sessions at the desk. According to the norms of today’s house and trance (electronic dance) music, a producer can be the writer and the producer combined. The reason of this might be explained as “alone production” by the recent technological music production devices without any other musician interaction. However, in this paper, we are going to focus on traditional producers of the major and widespread music genres.

Producers are the people who decide how best to artistically and creatively represent the artist in release. In 1960s, music producer’s role comprised as a “fixer” who booked musicians and recording studios, also decisive manager of time, resources and repertoire. However, Sir George Martin, who is described as “The fifth Beatle” renowned music producer of Beatles, has transformed the content of being a music producer. During the time, in his projects with Beatles, (that they had been turned down by other music companies and producers), he tried to develop and foster the creative and musical dynamics with the arrangements and string parts that he wrote. He was also the important character, behind the technical process and the sound which they created. Moreover, the working method he developed, which could be called simply as “modus operandi” for many years, has become the ordinary path that are followed by most of rock and pop genres today. All these creations that he did, have initiated a new viewpoint on music production and had huge impact on potential music producers. With this new perspective, music producers have become like one of the orchestra or band members that manage and preside the production process.

Briefly, it would be right to define the music producer as a figure who is involved with the total music product, including budgeting, arranging, recording, mixing, mastering and even packaging. The initial task, expected from a professional music producer, is to make a creative product which is commercially successful. Thus, it is the producer who takes the whole responsibility of possible consequence of musical product. Hit or miss.


Let’s shoot an advertisement !

The place was Kinston Fairfield Bus station. A number of students were there trying to act, shoot and direct their first advertisement video for their business. It could seem a low budget small production that there might not be make up artists, professional workers or special costumes and equipments, however, according to them, it was the greatest production of all times.

It was very fun and joyful to take part in such a video shot. We created it with an affable collaboration and solidarity. 🙂



On 18th March, Saleexpress was at the Kingston Town trade fair which was held in front of the outdoor area of Galsworthy Building in Kingston University Penrhyn Road Campus. It is conceivable whether people might buy gloves or not when the spring has been felt in March, however, The weather was very cold that made our day in a way.

The fair was like a festival including authentic foods, live music and dancing with entertainment. All the teams prepared their stands for the judgement and selling. David Knull was the coordinator of the event and by 2.00 pm, all teams were started to be judged. The comments were positive, helpful and encouraging by judges. Yeah, it was a freezing day, so we counted ourselves a little lucky about it and closed the day more profitable than we expected 🙂 We even sold two pairs of gloves to the judges !

But the most important thing was in the evening. I have always believed that our product was creative, innovative and helpful for people in a simple way. We were blissful that the judges were sharing the same ideas with us that at the end of the day Saleexpress team was awarded with the best young enterprise team prize! We were expecting this, and eventually accomplished. Congratulations to all my friends in the team. Keep going guys !


Caution ! Jazz is around !


Jazz is freedom. Jazz is, as Charlie Parker said, no boundry line.

London Jazz Festival will be going on till 23th November. Roy Hargrove, Stanley Clarke, Ibrahim Maalouf, Kenny Barron & Dave Holland and many more greatest jazz artists. There are also many free events and jam sessions that you can join. Come on ! Don’t miss this opportunity out ! Let’s fill this city with Jazz !

You can have more detailed information and see the event calender from the link below.